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Helpful Tips from Max...
Creative Fundraising Using Merchandise

Why Democratic Merchandise?

  • There is a strong demand for Democratic merchandise and it most often sells itself.
  • Merchandise is a great way to help get the Democratic message out.
  • Selling merchandise helps to raise money in support of electing Democrats.

Whether your organization is: Young Democrats, College Democrats, N.F.D.W., a Democratic Club, a County Party, etc. the merchandise in the Max Hobbs Political Memorabilia (MHPM) collection can help you meet your fundraising goal. The key to successful merchandise fundraising is to continuously turn over merchandise as quickly as possible and use profits to fund your operation.

Step By Step Fundraising

  1. Choose your event. Merchandise fundraising works great at...
      • voter registration,
      • petition drives,
      • tables for distribution of Democratic literature,
      • candidate rallies,
      • county fair booths,
      • conventions,
      • community events,
      • campaign headquarters,
      • county committee meetings,
      • club meetings,
      • the workplace
      • and many more!

When choosing your event, use event calendars from your:

  • State Party,
  • County Committee,
  • club,
  • college,
  • radio,
  • TV,
  • your local newspaper, etc.
  1. You may need to register with the organization in charge of the event. Negotiate with the event organizer for a location with the most foot traffic to display your merchandise.

  • Now you are ready to talk to a Max Hobbs Political Memorabilia consultant to choose which items and quantities will be just right for your event. MHPM offers over 100 items for fundraising and you can mail, phone or fax in your order. For fast service we offer a toll-free number 1-800-952-0099 to place orders Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST. We accept VISA and Mastercard for payment and we will ship immediately. Orders can be faxed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 1-661-250-2008 and again by using your credit card, we will ship immediately. Orders paid by check, money order, etc. will be shipped upon receipt of payment. MHPM also allows mix-n-match of the same wholesale priced merchandise when computing your volume discount.
    Max Hobbs Political Memorabilia also offers a buy back policy to help maximize your profits (see buy back policy).
  • At retail events, MHPM recommends displaying merchandise prices on easy to read signs. Customers will purchase more if there are volume incentives and your aim is to maximize sales. You will be amazed at how much more customers will buy if there is a variety of merchandise for sale and it they receive a discount for purchasing multiple items of the same price. For example: if items are $2.00 a piece at retail, allow the customers to mix-n-match three items for $5.00, or five items for $8.00. Therefore, keep all same priced items displayed together. Other suggested discount pricing:

$3 each, or 3 for $8, or 5 for $13
$5 each, or 2 for $9, or 5 for $20
$6 each, or 2 for $11, or 5 for $25
$7 each, or 2 for $12, or 5 for $28
$8 each, or 2 for $14, or 5 for $32
$10 each, or 2 for $18, or 5 for $40
$12 each, or 2 for $22, or 5 for $50
$15 each, or 2 for $27, or 5 for $60
$20 each, or 2 for $36, or 5 for $80

Our Political Strengths

As fellow Democrats, we know that together we can make a difference. We encourage you to buy from Max Hobbs Political Memorabilia at volume discount pricing and use the retail profits for your Democratic operations.

Democratically Yours,

Max Hobbs
President, MHPM